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I’m realizing I’ve got micro-updates scattered all over the internet in various social media posts, so figured I’d post here with a more complete version of the sales plan, warranty info, and build specs. Changes might still be made before the Kickstarter launch, but this is all pretty close to final.

Super Awesome Deal Happening Right Now:

I’m currently accepting two more direct pre-orders before the Kickstarter campaign launches. The next one to sell will ship by Christmas(that one’s sold). Two more direct sales are available to ship in January. Selling these directly rather than through the Kickstarter helps immediately fund all this early development. I’ve put in a couple strong incentives to buy one of these first beta wheels:
1) the direct sale betas include a FREE upgrade to the final production model (nicknamed Halo) in December 2016. This equates to a $1200 savings (Halo is $3500 at full retail, see below for standard beta upgrade options). Early supporters also get use of an LED wheel a full year before Halo rolls out.
2) these first betas will ship in December and January, well before the Kickstarter beta wheels.
These are the best value of all deals offered over the next year. The upcoming Kickstarter deals will not include a free upgrade to final production specs, that will be a paid upgrade.
Contact me through the CyrCraft facebook page if you’re interested in this option.

Beta Testing and Halo:

Because these are such a new development, my goal for this campaign is to get a lot of wheels out into the world for beta testing and feedback. Buying a beta wheel makes you part of the development team. I want to hear from you about what to improve, what to get rid of, and what you love about these wheels. In addition to a great price and being the first to get your hands on one of these wheels, you’ll get a full warranty and technical support through December 31st 2016, as well as the option for a prorated upgrade to final production specs [Halo] once beta testing has ended.

The beta testing period will last about a year, during which I will gather feedback from the beta team (that could be you!) and tweak the design as necessary. By December 2016, Halo will be ready to ship. Note that both the beta versions and the Halo models can be pre-ordered during the Kickstarter campaign, so be sure to look at the ship dates and specifics for the reward you’re choosing!

I’ve been getting questions about why the final model is named Halo. It has nothing to do with video games. I was brainstorming names of things that are glowy and round, and Halo just felt good. Others on the list were: chakra, corona, sol, helios. Halo just feels right.

Pricing and Timelines:

I’ve set up pricing to incentivize early adopters. The wheels that are shipping earliest are least expensive. As shipping dates progress, prices approach the full retail value of $3500. If you get the early bird special through Kickstarter, you’ll save $1,500 compared to full retail. If you choose a later shipping model, you won’t save as much, but you’ll get a wheel that will be much closer to Halo specs. You can also choose to pre-order a Halo during the Kickstarter starting at $2700. This won’t ship for a year, but you will save $800 versus waiting to order once Halo is released.

After the Kickstarter, beta and full production wheels may still be pre-ordered directly through the CyrCraft website. However, prices will never be as low and shipping dates as early as offered in the Kickstarter.

Build Specs:

The CyrCraft LED Cyr wheel has two rows of super bright, full color LED strips that can be programmed to display a virtually unlimited number of patterns and sequences over the surface of the wheel. Out of the box, each wheel is pre-loaded with many stunning patterns. More patterns can be added or existing patterns customized using the Arduino IDE on Mac or PC (see the CyrCraft github page for more info).

There is a power switch and a programmable tactile button accessible on the outside of the wheel. The button is initially set up to select between patterns, but can be modified to select brightness levels, pattern duration, or anything else you can think to use it for.

The LEDs, along with all wiring, batteries and controller boards are safely protected inside the aluminum frame of the wheel. Thanks to the accuracy and repeatability of CNC machining, all pieces of the wheel are modular and replaceable for any given wheel size.

The brain of the wheel is a Teensy 3.2 (LINK) microcontroller. This controller can happily drive thousands of individually addressable RGB LEDs to create an unlimited number of patterns and sequences. The Teensy controller is also Arduino compatible. This means the wheels are fully user programmable using the free Arduino IDE. The Teensy is also easily removed from the wheel for programming, and can even be replaced or added onto with other hardware to enable WiFi control, bluetooth capability, SD card storage for larger programs, and more. Some of these features may even be default by the Halo rollout at the end of 2016 – these options may make nice stretch goals 🙂

The wheel is powered by rechargeable lithium polymer batteries. One of the variables during beta will be comparing different types of battery packs. Some wheels will have a series of USB power bank style cells that can be recharged with a standard phone charger. Others will have Li-Poly battery cells and come with an external charger. Batteries will also be warrantied for the duration of testing.

Beta wheels are constructed from 1.5″od 6061 aluminum tubing with a 1/8′ thick wall and steel inserts. These are 5 piece wheels with a 3/16″ PVC skin. The LED holes are located as far as possible from the bolt holes, which are the highest stress points on the wheel. This design holds my weight fine at 250lbs, but lots of testing from all types of spinners will be very valuable in determining the need for any improvements.


Beta test models are fully warrantied through December 31st, 2016. If there are any issues with a wheel, I want to know all about it so I can improve the design before final production. I’ll just require that any failed components be shipped back before I send out replacements. Since all the components are modular I should already have replacement parts on hand, keeping turnaround time to a minimum.

Halo models will be warrantied for 18 months from the date shipped.

Upgrading from a Beta Wheel to a Halo:

Beta team members will also be able to pay an upgrade fee to trade in their beta wheel for a Halo. Halo models will ship starting in December 2016. The amount of your upgrade fee will be calculated by subtracting the beta price you paid from the full retail price of $3500. The beta upgrade trade-in option expires on December 31st, 2017.

Shipping, Taxes, and International Sales:

Shipping and 8% NYS Sales tax will be added to all domestic orders. International sales will not be accepted through the Kickstarter campaign, but on a case by case basis as direct sales. International orders may have different warranty policies regarding shipping costs and timeframes.

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