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Standard Cyr Wheel – Heavyweight


Our Heavyweight 5 Piece Cyr Wheel:

  • Comes in your choice of size and color
  • 5 year warranty!
  • Weighs between 34-42lbs, depending on size
  • Uses our custom super grippy skin
  • Grip diameter 1.875″
  • More details in the description below



Product Description

Our heavier standard Cyr wheels are available in your choice of size and color.  These wheels are built with 1/4″ wall aluminum tubing and solid steel inserts.  They are skinned with our own custom extruded 3/16″ thick clear PVC that is guaranteed never to loosen or slip.  The finished grip diameter is 1.875″.  We build our wheels so that the bolt heads sit just below flush with the PVC skin.  This guarantees the bolts will never rub against floors or dig into your palms while spinning.  Weight on this model ranges between 34-42lbs for most wheel sizes.

All of our standard wheels are built in 5 collapsible sections, manufactured custom to your height preference.  A general recommendation for sizing is between 2-3 inches above your standing height, though sizing preferences vary greatly from one performer to the next.  We also sell mini wheels and kid’s sizes – check out our kid’s program for more details.

Please allow a 2-3 week turnaround before your wheel ships. Shipping within the US usually takes 2-4 business days.

Thank you!

Additional Information

Size (Inside Diameter)

63″ or 160cm, 64″ or 163cm, 65″ or 165cm, 66″ or 168cm, 67″ or 170cm, 68″ or 173cm, 69″ or 175cm, 70″ or 178cm, 71″ or 180cm, 72″ or 183cm, 73″ or 185cm, 74″ or 188cm, 75″or 190cm, 76″ or 193cm, 77″ or 196cm, 78″ or 198cm, 79″ or 200cm


Black, Chrome, Deep Blue, Gold, Lightning Purple, Lime Green, Metallic Orange, Ocean Teal, Red, White


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