Quick Prototype Video, and the Volta Wheel!!

I’ve just put up a quick video on the CyrCraft Youtube channel showing the LED Cyr wheel prototype. This is very early footage, but I’ll have another video soon showing some new patterns at full brightness. I’m currently taking direct orders for these. As of this post, there is still one available to ship in January. Here it is so far:

If you want to order a beta LED Cyr wheel, please contact me through the CyrCraft facebook page, or my personal facebook account. I was considering doing pre-sales through Kickstarter, but have decided to take sales directly for now as there are too many variables for a simple Kickstarter product launch.

In other news, have you seen David Matz’s Volta Wheel??? It’s awesome!! He’s been working with SpinFX for some time to produce this, and the effort shows! From what I gather, the Volta wheel uses Corbin Dunn’s technique of embedding the LEDs into the skin of the wheel. This gives the wheel a beautiful, even glow. And the patterns and POV graphics are incredible!! They’ve definitely set the bar high for what the CyrCraft wheels will become 🙂

For now at least, the Volta Wheel is not for sale, and is being used solely by David’s troupe, Torque Method. I can imagine it being difficult to scale production for a commercial wheel when using the skin-embedded-LED method. With hundreds of vital electrical connections protected by a thin layer of PVC/epoxy, there is definitely a possibility of damaging the LEDs while the wheel is in use. There may be workarounds though, so I’ve still got it on my list to experiment with. Here’s the Volta Wheel video, in case you haven’t seen it:

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