Revisions and Decisions

I’ve been changing the LED prototype design quite a bit over the past week. I keep thinking I’m almost done, but the closer I get, the more new ideas pop up that I want to try out. Click the image below to see video of various pieces in progress:

Here are a lot of LED Cyr wheel parts! After 3 revisions in the past week, I’m happy to have finally sorted out the mechanical side of the build. My first concept had one strip of LEDs along the outermost perimeter of the wheel. This is a great design from a manufacturing perspective. But it just doesn’t feel like enough lights, and the LEDs wouldn’t be directly visible from in front of the wheel. Second concept had two rows, one on the front and one on the back. This gives plenty of light but sacrifices some strength, as the inserts need to be cut away on two sides to make room for the electronics. This also puts the LED holes pretty close to the bolt holes, which are the highest stress points on the wheel. Not so good. Final concept, which I’m loving, is two rows of LEDs near the outermost perimeter. This gives a lot of light, requires only one flat ground on each insert, and places the LED holes very far from the bolt holes. Next step is to pack in all the electronics. Tomorrow is gonna be a shiny day! #cyrcraft #fullcircleforge #ledcyrwheel #cyrwheel #circus #fabrication #arduino #led #neopixel #maker #diy #personalmanufacturing

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Things in the shop right now are about as hectic as the video seems. But it is all coming together. All the major design challenges have been addressed, and so all that remains is to put all the pieces together. This is going to be time consuming, as I’m still trying out different techniques as I narrow down my production process.

Having completed all the design hurdles, I’m going to take a few days off from LED Cyr development to get a couple other orders shipped. But stay tuned for more developments around the end of next week!

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