We’re Reinventing the Wheel – In a Good Way!

Over the past 8 months we’ve moved into a new and bigger shop, brought on new talent, purchased a ton of new equipment, and gone gangbusters on improving production capacity.  All of this has slowed us down for the past few months, but we’re finally starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.  This week especially marks the turning point with some really cool new developments in our LED Cyr wheel beta program.


LED Cyr Wheels

Rev6 LED Cyr wheels and (finally) the End of Beta testing!

We’ve gone through 6 major revisions of the LED wheel design in the past 18 months.  Each revision has added huge features, while modifying many smaller elements within each particular build of that revision.  I’m even confused thinking back over it all 🙂

With Rev6, we’re finally done adding to the design, and can now switch the focus over to polishing it to a final product, scheduled for this summer.  Here are the main features that make this by far the best LED wheel available:

  • User Friendly
    • Easy to add your own images, sync to music, etc via USB or the upcoming Bluetooth app
    • No proprietary software or line by line coding required (though you can code custom functions if you prefer)
    • Our unique wire free joint connections make assembly as simple as any regular Cyr wheel; no wires to tangle, damage, or protect during assembly, disassembly, or transport
  • Our LED Cyr Wheels are Super Bright!
    • The CyrCraft design uses 3 strips of LEDs spaced evenly around the wheel, emitting light from all angles.
    • We’ve designed our own high current connectors that don’t put a bottleneck on how much energy the LEDs can pull from the batteries.
    • They’re bright enough for patterns to be seen easily even in full daylight!
  • Multiple Wireless Control Options
    • A handheld remote comes standard with each wheel
    • Our own Wireless DMX interface is available as an add-on for serious performers
    • A bluetooth android app will soon be available
    • The controller board also supports WiFi that will be made available in the future
  • Unparalleled Modularity
    • Every part of the wheel can now be easily removed and replaced (even the skin!), with a couple simple hand tools
    • In the event of an equipment failure, any part can be swapped out in minutes!
    • We are tooling up for complete interchangeability of wheel sections in the final product – no more tiny section numbers to hunt for while you’re prepping the wheel in a dimly lit backstage area!
  • Fast, Flexible Graphics
    • We are driving over 1000 LEDs at 240 frames per second with individual pixel level control
    • Our wire free joints use physical contacts that allow faster data rates than what is achievable using a wireless link between wheel all 5 wheel sections
    • Onboard accelerometer/gyro can keep images stabilized upright or be configured to alter the brightness, color, speed, etcetera of your patterns.
  • They’re Just Tough!
    • Using sturdy 1/4″ thick aluminum tubing for the wheel frame, we are able to inlay the LED strips inside of grooves routed on the surface of the frame.
    • The LED strips are protected by the walls of the groove, then cast in a clear hard resin, and all of that is cushioned by a thick 3/16″ PVC skin.
    • Short of running over a nail, the LED strips cannot be damaged through normal use, and so they’re able to be installed on both the inner and outer surfaces of the wheel for optimal lighting.

We’ll be posting more details here on each of these areas as Rev6 is finally ready to unveil.  Aside from the LED wheels, we’re also expanding our product line with more standard wheel options, and some swag too!  Keep your eyes peeled for the reopening of our web store for that development.  If you’d like to be notified of new products and sales, you can also sign up for our email list below.

Thanks for checking in!

-Jesse Hughson
CyrCraft Customs

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