NightSky and StarPusher

If you're looking for the latest download of the StarPusher LED programming app (currently v1.5.3), please send us a message on our contact page, as it is only available to our alpha testers at the moment.

What are all these silly names?  NightSky?  StarPusher?  And why don't we put spaces between the words??  (werefusetoanswerthatlastone..)

NightSky is the brain of the Omega LED Cyr wheel.  It's a circuit board that controls LED animations, reacts to motion, plays sequences synced to music, and allows you to wirelessly control all of the functions of your Omega wheel in real time!
StarPusher is our desktop LED animation editor and sequencer, allowing you to visualize and manage every aspect of how your Omega wheel will perform, all from one simple and powerful interface.

Here's one of our recent live streams showing the overall process of creating LED animations in StarPusher and then loading them to NightSky to display on the wheel:

And here's an older video sharing more about how the entire system works together: