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Omega™ LED Cyr Wheel Preorder

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This listing is for preorder deposits of CyrCraft Omega LED Cyr Wheels.

Here's how it works:

  1. Full price for our Omega wheels is $5,999
  2. Your deposit of $500 holds your spot in our production queue.
  3. We'll reach out once your wheel is ready to enter production (within 4-8 weeks of your preorder date, depending on number of preorders ahead of you)
  4. Pay the remaining $5,499 (installments can be arranged at checkout), and we'll begin building your wheel
  5. Once production is started, we'll ship your wheel within 5 weeks

Here are a few reasons to choose the CyrCraft Omega LED Cyr Wheel over anything else:

  • We went over the top to make LED pattern animation more flexible and interactive than anything else available. With motion reactive modes, real time setting adjustments, a dead-simple LED animation sequencer/editor, and so much more - there's nothing that comes close.

  • Our hardware is engineered from the ground up to be super tough, yet also super easy to use, maintain, and replace.  Each component is designed for complete modularity so you can quickly swap parts to recover from a failed LED strip, lost battery, or any other other hardware mishap.

  • Charging and powering the wheel couldn't be easier, with the ability to charge assembled/disassembled, or quickly swap batteries to avoid waiting for charge times.  Expect 2+ hours of battery life in normal use.

  • We're constantly adding new software features to our powerful desktop app, mobile app, and the wheel itself.  Firmware upgrades are as simple as popping an SD card into your wheel.

Check out the Omega LED Cyr Wheel page for more info on our LED Cyr wheel system, and stay tuned for new videos and other info coming soon on our social media!


We take every opportunity to recycle scrap materials in our build processes. We even do some of our own plastic recycling right here at CyrCraft!

Shipping & Returns

International shipping prices and VAT fees may vary from the calculation at checkout. We will contact you if there is an error in the calculated shipping price.


Our wheels are sized in inches by default. Send us a message if you're looking for sizing in sub-inch increments or metric sizing.

Care Instructions

Clean skin with soapy water or isopropyl alcohol. Take care to keep LED wheels dry at all times!